Roll call

Last week’s George Brown baking class focused on soft rolls.  Now I am not going to lie to you, but my previous soft roll experience comes from a tube that sort of explodes into pre-separated dough when you crack it (Pillsbury Dough Boy, anyone?).  Having never attempted homemade bread, I was a tad uneasy about the baking challenge ahead.  Still I dutifully donned my chef outfit (that for some unknown reason hubby calls my clown suit), grabbed my culinary attaché case and proceeded to my baking & pastry arts class to learn “everything I ever wanted to know about soft rolls, but was afraid to task”.


750ml water (27*C)

80g yeast (we used fresh compressed yeast) **see below notes**

1,250g bread flour (sifted)

3 large eggs

60g milk powder

60ml vegetable oil

60g white fine sugar

20g salt

egg wash as needed


substitute powder yeast: 27g – and omit water: can just add all ingredients at once

substitute for active yeast: 32g – follow instruction same as fresh yeast

I scale all my ingredients – it’s been hard getting use to weighing everything instead of measuring but it’s so much more precise.

Preheat oven to 400*F

dissolve yeast in water (must be at least 27*C) mix with your hands: this allows water to stay warm if you use an utensil the water temperature will drop/ once mixed put in mixer bowl

add flour on top of yeast mixture

add all other ingredients on top of flour (ensure salt is added last)

using a dough hook on blender – mix on speed 4/5 for 7min

remove dough and kneed on flour surface – until molded into a smooth ball

smooth dough ready to ferment

smooth dough ready to ferment

cover dough with plastic and steel bowl – and let ferment for 30min

when dough has risen 2 1/2 times its original size: punch down dough to release carbon dioxide

cut dough into 36 equal pieces (60grm in weight) at school we used a very cool professional roll divider that cut the dough with one push into 36 beautiful equal pieces

36 pieces cut by dough slicer

36 pieces cut by dough slicer

roll each piece on at wet surface (THIS IS KEY) roll with one hand in circler motion with hand in a cup motion

place each roll under plastic and let sit in warm place for 5-7min (your oven is already on – so sit them on top of stove)

beat one egg and brush egg wash on top of each roll and you can dip them in any thing you like

poppy seed/sesame seed/garlic salt – ect

rolls ready to be baked

rolls ready to be baked

place rolls on parchment lined cookie sheet and bake for 20min until golden brown

finished baked rolls

finished baked rolls

NOTE: for class we made cheesy-garlic monkey bread and braided rolls

Monkey Bread

place 7 of your rolls(pre 2nd rising) in a  9″cake pan (spray with baking spray and line bottom and sides with parchment paper) add 1/2 cup of your favourite grated cheese and 1 teaspoon of garlic salt

cover with plastic and let sit for 5-7min in warm spot

bake at 400*F for 20min

cheesy monkey bread

cheesy monkey bread

cheesy monkey bread

cheesy monkey bread

cheesy monkey bread

cheesy monkey bread

cool on wire rack for 10min in pan then turn over to release bread and cool on wire rack

– or if you were me – you eat it right away when it was warm and cheese was still goey : well class was late and I had not had dinner yet!

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