Chocolate Easter Treats


Easter Bunny and Easter Egg

My Easter Bunny and Egg

My Saturday morning class was Chocolate. It started at 8.30 and I usually tried to be in class by 8.00.  Which meant getting up around 6.30 on a Saturday – ouch!  But the reward was chocolate, so who am I to complain.  My breakfast consisted of milk chocolate followed by dark chocolate then finished with white chocolate. Well its important to have a well balanced meal. Now that my chocolate class is finished I am suffering from chocolate withdrawal.  It is taking all the will power I can muster not to eat my chocolate creation.

Last chocolate class we were assigned a 3D mold. Since Easter was right around the corner, I obviously picked a bunny. I had attempted many years ago to make a chocolate Easter egg, it ended badly. I had purchased a tin pan, the box stated I could make a cake or a chocolate egg. Well now I know, good luck getting chocolate out of a tin pan. I am happy to say this time my 3D mold was a success. It is really quite simple as long as you are patient and can temper your chocolate correctly. Now if you are still afraid of tempering chocolate you can use candy coating wafers. You can buy lots of different colors at Bulk Barn Stores You can just melt you candy and pour into mold. Trust me though, there is nothing like biting the ear off a really good quality chocolate bunny on Easter morning.



NOTE – below measurements really depend on what size of mold you are using: my mold was about 3″ X 5″

500 grams  couverture chocolate (70% or more cocoa butter) (I used Lindt dark chocolate – visit their outlet store for better deals on chocolate) Lindt Warehouse

50 grams white chocolate ( you don’t need if you are not adding colour)

Mold – there are 3 types of molds for making chocolate

Polycarbonate: These molds are the choice of professionals.  Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic that is very strong and easily molded and shaped.  These molds are easy to maintain and give the finished product good strength and sheen.

Metal: These molds are usually aluminum and are often found in antique markets.  Metal is heavy and more expensive than plastics and scratch easily.

Antique Metal Moulds

Antique Metal Molds

Antique Metal Chocolate Mould

Antique Metal Chocolate Mould

Yes these are mine – I found them in my spring cleaning. They are so cool!

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): These molds are popular for chocolate molding. PVC molds tend to be less durable than polycarbonate and scratch easily.  The PVC variety is available in two grades; the more durable professional quality and the inexpensive hobby grade.

I used the inexpensive PVC 2pc mold, found at hobby shops. I got mine at Mccalls

2 pc plastic mold

2 pc PVC mold



1) make sure your mold is clean,dry, and polished- use a cheesecloth to rub inside of mold, you want to be careful not to scratch mold as this will show up on your chocolate

2) temper white chocolate – if you have never tempered chocolate I have supplied an excellent link for step by step instructions

Tempering Chocolate

NOTE: in class we used white chocolate and coloured it with a coloured cocoa butter, but if you are only using for small areas on your mold I would just use candy coating wafers (bonus is you can get them in lots of different colours)

3) paint with fine artist brush the areas in mold you wish to have colour

– I did the grass,bunnies tail and bunnies bow tie

Painting my mold - front and back

Painting my mold – front and back

– I also choose to paint the basket with milk chocolate to add some depth to bunny

NOTE: my directions below are for 2 half mold pieces

4) fill one half of mold all the way to brim with tempered chocolate –  make sure all areas inside mold is covered

5) turn mold over and empty excess chocolate out of mold and scrape full length of mold so edges of mold are clean

– using a flat plastic scraper works best

– this is called casting

My friend Christel casting her swan

My friend Christel getting ready to cast her swan

Here is Cristel's Swan out of mould

Here is Christel’s Swan out of mold

6) let set slightly and repeat step 4 and 5 again – this will be the 2nd cast

– you want your 3D figure to be strong enough, and just doing one layer of chocolate will be too flimsy

7) fill other half of mold with tempered chocolate – about 3/4 of way up mold and set on table (chocolate filled side up)

8) attach 1st half mold (the one you filled and emptied the chocolate) to filled 2nd half mold and ATTACH butterfly clips all around mold to secure

ENSURE mold is lined up properly

Chocolate in mold

Chocolate in mold

9) slam down mold to release air bubbles

10) continue to swirl chocolate around in mold so chocolate is coating all areas inside evenly/take special care to smaller areas on your mold, you want to make sure chocolate reaches EVERY inch of mold

– depends on size of mold but I suggest rotating mold about 5-8 times at a  3-4 min interval

11) place in fridge to set/ again depending on size of mold and how much chocolate you added it can take anywhere from 30min to 3 hours to set

12) mold is ready to release when you can see no shinny areas at all – you should be able to see where the chocolate has contracted

I know you are excited to release your creation but be patient

– I add royal icing flowers to give an additional 3 dimensional effect

Mr Easter Bunny!

Mr Easter Bunny!

– back of bunny is my favourite part, with his cute little pink tail


My partner Christel was kind enough to give me her egg mold that she was not going to use. So I also made a chocolate Easter egg.  I had painted the inside with pink, but I did not like how it turned out. I used my royal icing flowers to cover up my ugly pink painting.

My ugly pink painting

My ugly pink painting

Trying to fix my egg

Trying to fix my egg

Adding royal icing flowers - pretty!

Adding royal icing flowers – pretty!

Finished Easter Egg

Finished Easter Egg


Treats safely tucked into thier Easter Basket

Treats safely tucked into their Easter Basket

I wonder who will be the lucky recipient of my 1st homemade Easter Bunny and Egg. It very well could be me if Easter doesnt hurry up and come already!




2 thoughts on “Chocolate Easter Treats

  1. Love what you did with the egg.. even if it was cute already. And yes, I am in chocolate withdrawal… even if I am happy to shed few pound 🙂

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