King Arthur Flour – Workshop Day 1

IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1218


I woke up early and left the Inn excited about my first day at King Arthur Flour.  We were directed to arrive about 30min prior to class to check-in.  I received my chef coat, hat, and binder for the 1st day of “How to open a successful bakery”.  The class started with the instructors introductions and then the classmates introducing themselves.  There were 14 of us in total, everyone from different states and one other Canadian from Montreal.

We started with motivation for wanting to open a bakery, followed by business plan, and location.  We broke for lunch at noon and we were treated to some amazing sandwiches made obviously with local bread from King Arthur.  I had an apple-brie sandwich on a baguette, which was wonderful.  We were due back in class for 1pm so I decided to check-out the shop.  It literally was like a kid in a candy shop.  The store was incredible!  The shop itself was lovely but it was also merchandized beautifully.  I was so overwhelmed I could not decide what to buy.  A half hour was just not enough time, I would have to come back after class.

IMG_1221 IMG_1234 IMG_1223

IMG_1229 IMG_1225 IMG_1228

We started the afternoon making Brioche.  An enriched bread I have made many times.  I learned so many different techniques and tips I started doubting my training at George Brown.  There were many things different on how I had been taught, so I was a bit confused.  I thought I would make a judgement call after I had tasted this brioche.  After the brioche we made croissant dough, also several things different then how I had been taught as well as some new tricks.

IMG_1242 IMG_1243

After dough had been made we talked about types of bakery businesses, competition, and demographics.

Lastly we made a poolish for our French bread that we would form and bake in tomorrows class.


Time to hit the store again.  I would have loved to have purchased one of everything but I only brought one small extra duffel bag.  All in all I think I did pretty well.

IMG_1219 IMG_1227 IMG_1222

Returned to the Inn where I dropped off my loot and took a walk around the small town of Norwich.  Exquisite historic buildings and churches lined the main street.


IMG_1256 IMG_1258 IMG_1265

IMG_1262 IMG_1264 IMG_1252

IMG_1260 IMG_1266 IMG_1268

I returned to the Inn where I sampled the in-house brew “Jasper Murdock” at the pub and had a nice cheese burger where ingredients were sourced from local Vermont farms.


IMG_1271Went to sleep with bread dancing in my head.




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