Time to go Home

May 12th Day 4 – Travel Day: Vermont to Manchester to New York to Toronto to St Marys

It was a sad day, my time in Vermont had come to an end and it was time to pack up and head out to the airport. My flight did not leave until 3pm and I had about a 90 minute drive, so I did have time to make just one more stop at King Arthur Flour.  I decided to treat myself and have a nice breakfast at the Inn before I headed out.  My eggs benedict arrived which happens to be my favourite, but I am also a very hard critic.  It was the first meal I had in Vermont that was not very good.  The eggs were too runny, the ham undercooked and the potatoes were charcoal.


I took my last roam around the King Arthur store and purchased 2 more items I had missed in past shopping encounters; pecan meal and peanut butter powder. I stopped by the cafe and picked up a box of pastries to bring home for my parents and my brother.



IMG_1443 IMG_1444 IMG_1442

IMG_1237 IMG_1235 IMG_1236

I said goodbye to King Arthur and got on the road. The sun was shining, the scenery beautiful it was the perfect day for a drive.  I stopped about half way for break and refreshment.  This was the nicest highway rest area and welcome centre I have ever seen.  Wonderful  layout with great stores and a dinner.

IMG_1448 IMG_1445

IMG_1447 IMG_1446

Close to airport I passed through a toll booth and operator said the car in front of me had paid my toll. How nice is that – so I paid the toll for the car behind me.  What a great day.

Got to airport with plenty of time so sat myself down for a cold brew from Samuel Adams and a sandwich.

IMG_1451 IMG_1449 IMG_1453

Hubby picked me up in Toronto and I talked all the way home about the amazing time I had in Vermont and at King Arthur Flour. I can’t wait to go back, I think the bread course will be my next adventure.



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